Millard Maritime and HELM Fertilizer Corporation Partner On Fertilizer Distribution

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Millard Maritime and HELM Fertilizer Corporation
Partner On Fertilizer Distribution, 

Millard Maritime and HELM expand business relationship started in 2011

OMAHA – December 5, 2013 – Millard Maritime®, a leading Gulf Coast port and cargo
solution provider, and HELM Fertilizer Corporation, a major fertilizer distribution and
marketing company for the Americas, today jointly announced a partnership based on
importing HELM products to the Millard Maritime facility in Theodore, AL from
Trinidad and other ports around the globe. The new agreement, which takes effect upon
completion of an automated bulk storage warehouse, applies the expertise and resources
of Millard Maritime to the specific needs of HELM to increase HELM’s marketing
presence and expand sales opportunities of dry fertilizers.

Currently, Millard Maritime unloads the imported fertilizer from the HELM vessel, stores
it in shore-based tanks and then loads to rail, truck or barge for distribution to HELM’s
customers throughout the Eastern U.S. This existing business will expand to include
additional dry fertilizer commodities by 2015.
“We view the relationship between HELM Fertilizer Corporation and Millard Maritime
as collaborative and growing, with each partner introducing new opportunities to review.
Our initial joint activities have been very successful and we look forward to a long and
mutually beneficial partnership,” said Michael Peyton, Vice President, Domestic Division
at HELM Fertilizer Corporation.

Millard Maritime, owned by refrigerated warehousing and distribution solutions company
Millard Refrigerated Services, operates a port near Mobile, AL that features a 1,600 ft.
wharf, export and import capabilities and bulk, liquid and break-bulk loading/unloading
with easy rail, interstate and barge access. Millard Maritime works with companies
trading a wide variety of commodities and finished goods to efficiently transport their
products to market here in the U.S. and around the world.

“HELM Fertilizer Corporation is drawing on our ability to customize solutions for each
application and ensure that value is delivered alongside the products being distributed.
We will continue to work with HELM to develop new services that drive out costs while
ensuring customer demands are met,” said Tim Smith, Senior Vice President of Sales &
Marketing at Millard Refrigerated Services.

About Millard Refrigerated Services

Millard Refrigerated Services was founded in 1963, in Omaha, NE. The company remains family
owned and operated, serving the US food industry through a network of 33 regional temperaturecontrolled
warehouse and distribution facilities. In addition to cold storage warehousing and
transportation, Millard provides clients with a wide variety of other value-added services,
logistics support and import/export assistance. To learn more about Millard’s full line of value
added services, please visit or call 402-896-6600.

About HELM Fertilizer Corporation

HELM Fertilizer Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of HELM AG that distributes and
markets fertilizers throughout the Americas. HELM AG is a Hamburg, Germany-based family
owned company steeped in tradition and able to look back on a history spanning over 110 years.
It is a multifunctional distribution company specializing in:
• Chemicals: Feedstocks and Derivatives
• Crop Protection
• Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products
• Animal and Human Nutrition
• Fertilizers
When marketing our products we provide a wide range of services for our business partners.
Today HELM is one of the world’s major independent chemicals marketing enterprises with more
than 90 branches and sales offices in over 30 countries. Its specific local knowledge guarantees
access to the major markets worldwide